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Our Patriarchate is there to Foster Christian Unity, Training Believers, Winning Souls... Read more...

Mission Statement
Building disciples; Growing in faith; Serving in Christ's Name.

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The one true God has revealed Himself as the eternally self-existent I Am, Read more...

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The Christian Patriarchate of West Africa, Central Europe and East Asia, headquartered in three countries (Ghana, Italy and the Philippines), comes with the mission of developing and maintaining a global community of Christian Ministers, Pastors, Evangelists, Christian Teachers, Christian Advocates and other Gospel workers who have the desire to work together to build the kingdom of God, for the purpose of fulfilling God's commission as His ambassadors on earth.

As God's ambassadors, our objective is to hearken to God's appeal to cater to His lost, unsaved and rebellious children in every corner of the earth. Our approach utilizes the technology of the twenty-first century, to wit: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email etc., as well as mission trips, online Gospel reading and so on.

Our Goal is to build personal relationships among co-workers in the vineyard and make way for Christian philanthropists who may be willing to give us a hand financially to carry out this mission of bringing Christ to all nations and ".....baptizing them in the name of the Father  and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...." (Mt.28:18.20 NIV).



      Do you feel called by God? Have you wondered how you can best serve Him in missions around the world? Do you want to meet people from other seas? If you said yes to the preceding questions, then you are at the right place and time. The Christian Patriarchate of West Africa, Central Europe and East Asia welcomes individuals who have both the calling and the courage to spread the Gospel to all nations, offering them the possibility to be in different cultures and ways of life as they fulfill their Christian mission. This exposure means the opportunity of knowing other people from around the world and witnessing how we can be instruments for their salvation by bringing the love of God to them. So, hurry up! Be part of this international mission!  




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map (+39) 320-8268876 (Italy); (+233) 203 -233991 (Ghana) | (+233) 248-050490 (Ghana)